Ecological point of view

Sustainable use of resources
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Our credo

The economical use of resources has a long tradition at Giroflex. Giroflex consistently uses low-emission materials and raw materials. Lacquers and glues are solvent-free, foams are CFC-free. Modern production methods with consumption-optimized processes mean massive savings in CO2, water, electricity and gas. Durability is another ecological asset: Giroflex seating furniture is designed for many years of use. Spare parts are available over the long term. Repairs, cleaning and care further extend the investment cycle.


When you purchase new office seating furniture, we take your old chairs. Regardless of their manufacturer. Giroflex chairs are taken back free of charge, while for third-party chairs we charge a minimal return fee per chair.

Disposal / separation

We perform mono-material separation of all chairs that are no longer usable and pass the individual materials along for processing and recycling. The mono-material separation of parts is a duty Giroflex has gladly fulfilled since the 1980s. This keeps the quality of the valuable raw materials high and enables their reuse in premium products. In 1992 already, with the giroflex 32/33 the first practically 100 per cent recyclable office chair was launched.

ISO certifications

Giroflex is certified with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. This standard emphasizes the process of continuous improvement in companies' environmental performance. Giroflex works and produces under the overriding ISO 9001 quality system.

CO2 reduction

In 2014, an energy check-up in the SME model was performed in collaboration with EnAW (Energie Agentur der Wirtschaft – Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector). The measures in which this resulted led to an application for exemption from CO2 charges.


On request, Giroflex supplies its products climate-neutral. CO2 compensation is handled by the Swiss non-profit foundation "MyClimate".

Cradle to Cradle

cradle to cradle

In continuation of its long tradition, in 2010 Giroflex decided to adopt the «Cradle to Cradle» systematic approach of eco-effective action. Cradle to Cradle aims to break through the dilemma of finite resources through complete recycling of materials at the end of the product life without a loss of quality. To this end raw materials are circulated in technical and biological cycles. Energy and material consumption are steadily reduced. Less wear and short distances also contribute to more environmentally friendly production. The comprehensive sustainability of the giroflex chair models since brought to market is confirmed by the Cradle to Cradle certificate.