Sustainable seat analysis

Sustainable seat analysis at Giroflex

Our knowledge

We offer an in-depth seat analysis for companies.

At your premises

Our qualified service professionals come to your premises to check the functionality, cover materials and upholstery of your seating furniture.

Our recommendation

Based on the test results, we show you solutions that will let you extend the service life of your chairs. This also automatically improves their sustainability.

Individual offer

We provide you with an individual offer tailored entirely with your needs in mind – from upholstery cleaning to repair of individual parts to replacement chairs.

Third-party chairs

Our analysis also extends to third-party chairs. With these chairs, however, we only make a recommendation. Repairs must be requested and carried out by the manufacturer.


The costs of the seat analysis depend on the complexity of the examination involved (number of workplaces, location, time required).

If you then award Giroflex an order for repairs or new purchase, we will credit the full cost of the seat analysis to your order.

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