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Giroflex chairs are quality products with above-average durability.

Our guarantee services

  • 5-year guarantee on construction, material and workmanship (with proper treatment and normal use)
  • 2-year guarantee on Giroflex cover material, pneumatic parts, castors and glides
  • The guarantee does not include customer's own cover materials, impact and tear damage to the upholstery covers through careless treatment or normal wear and tear of cover materials, castors and glides.
  • No guarantee is provided on colour uniformity of fabrics and leathers on subsequent orders, on CleanGuard treatments and following own repair of damage
  • Leather and wood are natural products. Features typical to wood and leather are not recognized as grounds for complaint

The guarantee services are governed by the guarantee labels / HU numbers or Order No as well as the terms of the guarantee found in the price list.

Guarantee extension

We are so confident that we offer a guarantee extension from 5 to 7 years for new purchases of selected models.

Models that can be covered by a guarantee extension:

  • giroflex 64
  • giroflex 68
  • giroflex 545

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Giroflex is certified with the ISO 9001 quality system and has been manufacturing pursuant to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard since 2001.