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3D Move in motion

The new giroflex 353 comes with the 3D Move system – the air cushion for individual sitting comfort. At just a single touch, you can enjoy softer, more flexible sitting.

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The sit-stand-stool

Do you prefer to work seated or standing? Ideally, you should combine the two. This is possible with the sit-stand-stool giroflex 10: dynamic sitting par excellence.

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The Swiss national

Swiss wrestling and giroflex 656 – a match made in heaven. Both embody the same values: robustness, flexibility, resilience and a real Swiss spirit. The swivel chair is available from your dealer, whilst to experience this sport you have to go to the Swiss Federal wresting festival in Estavayer.

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The showroom at our headquarters in Koblenz AG has been given a facelift. The room now has a clearer, more modern and more comfortable feel.

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