giroflex 656

A high achiever in form and function


It looks fantastic, is extremely flexible and sets new standards: the giroflex 656 combines aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology in a way that is not matched by any other chair. Its perfect shape marries seating comfort with individual customisation options, thus meeting all requirements for constructive working. Whether it’s in a traditional individual office, an open-plan office or a stylish conference room, its simple elegance and the many model variants and colours make it ideal for the modern workplace.

‘First and foremost, a perfect chair needs to be as flexible as the person sitting on it and supportive at all times. These were the crucial criteria when designing the giroflex 656’, explain Carmen and Urs Greutmann, designers with greutmann bolzern designstudio, which also works for brands like de Sede and Swiss.

The giroflex 656 family is the perfect synthesis of design and comfort. With its refined design and ease of operation, the giroflex 656 makes an impressive statement as a flexible swivel chair, an elegant conference chair or an inviting visitor’s chair. Its striking back means that it cuts a fine figure, even from behind. The leather version can also be made with a contrasting seam – an exclusive touch that transforms the chair into a beautiful design object. Top-class Swiss manufacturing quality and high-quality components make it a durable companion.

Regardless of how heavy or how big the occupant is, the specially designed Shiftmove synchronised mechanism can be rapidly adjusted to a body weight of between 45 kg and 120 kg in an eight-step process. It offers uniform, constant back tilt resistance with maximum freedom of movement. The height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support also ensures perfect posture.

Its sedate appearance and the many feature variants and colours make the giroflex 656 a suitable choice for all room concepts. All models are available with leather or fabric covers and with upholstered or black 3D spacer fabric backs.

giroflex 656 conference chair
A clear stance and well-founded positions, coupled with flexible positions: goal-oriented negotiations and the right conference chair have a few things in common. Thanks to its captivating design, perfect proportions and variety of versions, the giroflex 656 is welcome everywhere – in the boardroom as much as in the seminar room or the conference room. The chair is available with a choice of two backrest heights and, on request, an additional automatic retraction system and height adjustment mechanism. The option of a flexible back is a major comfort factor. Designed for active sitting, it helps the occupant to sit comfortably even for the longest meeting. But the chair also makes an elegant statement in a stylish home office.

giroflex 656 swivel chair
Take a seat on the path to success. The swivel chair adapts easily to any seated position, even when working hard. The unique giroflex Shiftmove synchronised mechanism allows the occupant to lean back in a uniform and constant manner. Back tilt resistance can be adjusted to the individual weight in eight steps using a rotary knob. The height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support can be adapted to the body for optimal posture. Available with or without 3D or fixed armrests. Optionally with headrest and coat hanger. Upholstered or 3D spacer fabric back. 

giroflex 656 visitor’s chair
Visitors get to enjoy a stylish, comfortable wait, even if it lasts somewhat longer. Designed with a delicate yet striking look, the visitor’s chair comes with everything to make sitting comfortable and convenient. It is as light as it looks, and a small group of chairs makes an attractive addition in a reception area or waiting room. The stackable chair is available as a cantilever or four-legged version with rectangular tubular steel and powder coated or chromed as desired.


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