Flokk Showroom

House of Inspiration

Flokk launches first showroom in Switzerland

Flokk's 'House of Inspiration' is our first showroom in Switzerland, a masterful combination of Nordic Design and eclectic Zurich themes, highlighting the many designs from the Flokk House of Brands like never before.

What can you expect from our showroom?

„Flokk Meets…“ is an upcoming series of events to be held at the Zurich Showroom, offering a unique set of activities centred around the many qualities of each of the Flokk brands.

Learn more about Zurich Showroom and its events on our homepage.

  •     Discover the broad range of Flokk brands
  •     Experience our products in a wide variety of working environments
  • Take the opportunity to discover your personal requirements for office chairs

Visit today
Visitors to our showrooms are always welcome.

You can find us at:
Flokk AG - House of Inspiration
Alpenstrasse 3
8152 Glattpark, Switzerland
Contact Number: +41 56 267 91 11