Important decisions are made sitting.

The new giroflex 313

The chair to share.

Where several people share a chair, the giroflex 313 wins the day with one hundred per cent self-adjustment. Just sit down and the chair does the rest.

The modern chair with character: giroflex 545

My fair chair.

Inspired by the ideal sitting position.

It is light in appearance, modern in design and livens up any office with its wide range of colours. It is vibrant and fits seamlessly into classic or modern office environments.

Impressions of the giroflex 313

You can find references for our chairs under Impressions.


Online configurator

Product variants from the online configurator

Your giroflex gets very personal. Through the online configurator you now have direct and immediate access to our varied range of products and features. Try it!

Product groups

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Swivel chairs

For workers with and without seat leather.

Conference chairs

For participants and partners.

Visitor's chairs

For customers, guests and visitors.


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