Climate-controlled: The upholstery Grano

Climate Chair Cover.

Colour worlds

What colours does the climate change in the office have?

giroflex «grano» revitalizes the senses with its look and feel. In eight colours this exclusivity transforms office chairs from Giroflex into aesthetic climatic miracles. The selected colours are international, modern and sensitively coordinated. They also reinforce the climate-controlled effect by «transmitting» beams, i.e. drawing them in the desired «climatic direction» – to balance out heat and cold.

Confidence in Textiles – Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Text® Standard 100

Climate-controlled and absorbent

Sweating while sitting?

The new giroflex «grano» balances out temperatures.

Thanks to its warming and cooling effects, the new giroflex «grano» balances out room and body temperatures.

The new climatex upholstery fabric giroflex «grano» makes seating from Giroflex climate-controlled. Wellbeing at work in the office and at conferences increases tangibly, visibly and noticeably. Because the exclusivity of Giroflex not only evens out body temperatures, but differences in room temperature too. That lowers your pulse and your energy costs as well. Because the warming and cooling effects soothe the body and stabilize the climate.

Whereto with the moisture?

With capillary action the new giroflex «grano» simply sucks it away.

The natural and synthetic fibre fabric conducts the moisture inwards by means of capillary action. The surface remains dry.

climatex upholstery fabrics not only balance out cold and heat. With a sophisticated woven structure they also absorb moisture. Because in climatex upholstery fabrics, natural and synthetic fibres are interwoven in such a way that a capillary effect is created in the fabric. The capillaries absorb the moisture quickly and conduct it from the office chair surface into the underlying fabric area. The seat and surface remain dry. With such a structure the surface also has an anti-slip effect.

Fireproof and sustained

What about fire safety?

With the new giroflex «grano» the fire brigade is already integrated.

In the event of heat or fire, the natural fibres absorb melted particles and inhibit the flames.

The new giroflex «grano» is fireproof. On top of the air-conditioning effect, the «textile screw» of the interwoven natural and synthetic fibres has another positive consequence. It makes climatex upholstery fabrics fire and flameproof. On heating the tiny grid maintains its structure. In the event of heat or fire, the natural fibres absorb melted particles. This subsequently inhibits the flames. In giroflex «grano» the fire brigade is always on call, so to speak.

What happens at the end of the product life?

The new giroflex «grano» practices ecological regeneration.

Thanks to the «textile screw» the interwoven fibres can be loosened at any time and recycled.

The «textile screw» is clever. The interwoven fibres in giroflex «grano» can be loosened at any time. At the end of the product life of climatex upholstery fabrics the various materials are totally separated. This makes climatex recyclable. The Giroflex upholstery fabric giroflex «grano» is thus compatible with the Cradle to Cradle concept.

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