giroflex 313

The chair to share.

The giroflex 313 – a perfect fit for every user and thus for the office world of today.

For modern businesses the giroflex 313 is a blessing. Its secret: the Balance Move system specially developed by Giroflex. Right from the start it provides maximum seating comfort and ease of operation. The seat and back align perfectly with the user’s body weight. Only the seat height is adjusted manually. The chair does the rest.

Self-adjusting synchronised mechanism

Balance Move

Sit down, lean back and feel good. The chair is as flexible as its users are different. Comfortable sitting requires back tilt resistance - which is automatically regulated by the unique Balance Move System integrated in the seat mechanics.

Impressions of the giroflex 313

Where several people share a chair, the giroflex 313 wins the day with self-adjustment. Just sit down and the chair does the rest.


Cradle to Cradle

cradle to cradle

The chair for people and businesses on the move.

Standing still is going backwards. For this reason, with the giroflex 313 swivel and conference chairs Giroflex has reinvented the sphere. How? The ideal shape for movement is the sphere. While reducing, cutting and hollowing out for the giroflex 313, the spherical shape remained. Its geometry puts people at the centre. The clear design interacts with the surroundings, is present, but not dominant. It serves functionality and thus creates the possibility for everyone, guests or employees, to sit actively and healthily.

Think and act in cycles.

The giroflex 313 is a certified "cyclist". Good for the environment. Good for assembly. Good for the weight. Its components are reduced to a minimum. The raw materials circulate in technical and biological cycles. At the end of the product life, materials can be recycled without loss of quality. 

The Cradle to Cradle certificate confirms this outstanding performance.

Online configurator

Product variants from the online configurator

Your giroflex gets very personal. Through the online configurator you now have direct and immediate access to our varied range of products and features. Try it!