For healthy, active and
dynamic sitting.

Ergonomics as part of industrial science is the link between work, technology and people. Since 1962, Giroflex has been researching the needs of people at their places of work. The focus is on working in a sitting position, and thus the most important working position in the office environment. It has significant influence on job performance and health.

Maintaining mobility

In the long term, an ever unchanging posture together with repetitive movements place a strain on the body. The result is tension and cramps, headaches and back pain or just rapid fatigue, because the circulation is not stimulated enough. Healthy sitting prevents these restrictions. It constantly changes the sitting posture and keeps the body moving as a result of this dynamism.

giroflex office chairs promote and support healthy sitting. They incorporate numerous ergonomic standards that the company has developed in collaboration with recognized industrial scientists and occupational physicians.

Adjustment is everything

Seat height and depth adaptable to the individual anatomy and the ability to adjust the height of the chair back are fundamental. Other ergonomic achievements are adjustable lumbar supports and the proper handling of back pressure. With regard to the seat, the dual-zone seat profile and a slight downward tilt (the so-called negative tilt) ensure support and wellbeing.

Feel better, work better

Ergonomics will always contribute to maintaining health as well as to increasing motivation, creativity and productivity. Man and giroflex chair work together for more wellbeing and increased performance. This results in improved quality of life, greater personal and in total more social success.