Ecology and sustainability

Duty of care towards the future.

Ecologically sound, sustainable and resource-conscious production has been part of the Giroflex company's philosophy since 1872.This manifests itself in various product attributes and operational procedures. Looking at the product, for example, the focus is on the long service life. Because the longer a product is used, the smaller its annual, ecological footprint will be.

Freedom from harmful substances guaranteed

A chair from Giroflex can be sat on for well over 10 years. During that time the owners are in constant skin contact with the fabrics, plastics and metals used. Accordingly, all materials are free of harmful substances and do not outgas.


The used is the source of the new. For this reason, for many years Giroflex has worked to ensure optimum recycling of its products.

The seating furniture is professionally dismantled and returned to the appropriate cycles to ensure the meaningful and substantial recycling of the raw materials we use.

Daring to change systems

The "Cradle to Cradle" philosophy successively integrated since 2010 applies resource-oriented thinking to the design and production process as well. The entire product life cycle is covered and all partners and suppliers participating in production and the product are involved. The raw materials circulate in technical and biological cycles.

"Cradle to Cradle" is a holistic approach. Those permitted to offer products certified accordingly demonstrate that they use reusable materials, minimize energy, material and water consumption, keep CO2 emissions low and the share of renewable energy as high as possible, reuse all raw materials and last but not least fulfil their social responsibility.