Design and functionality

The harmony of emotion
and purpose.

giroflex seating furniture stands for active, anatomically correct and healthy sitting. It is the job of design to translate this promise into styling reflecting the current zeitgeist and provides a contemporary interpretation of the interaction between the product and its environment. The signatures of the respective designers are clearly recognizable.

Corresponding units

Most giroflex designs are developed for several chair types, for swivel chairs and armchairs, conference and visitor’s chairs as well as stools. They cover different needs and at the same time function as a perceptible unit. Additionally, the quality of the giroflex designs ensures that combinations with other workplace furnishings are convincing.

The international clientele in turn affect the visual expression with their individual and culturally influenced colour and material choices. giroflex design is conducive to this diversity.

Simple and accessible

All giroflex designs used offer simple, user-friendly operation for healthy, ergonomic sitting. Functionality is thus an integral element of the design. After only a few, intuitively understandable movements of the hand a giroflex office chair is adjusted to personal needs.

Noticeable qualitiy

The giroflex understanding of design is also evident in the quality of the materials and the way they are used. Thus the texture of an upholstery fabric, the character of a seam, the feel of a leather or the craftsmanship of a weld affect the overall impression of a product. And this, in turn, the perceived comfort – above and beyond the tangible.