Giroflex Adapt: Reha- Coxarthrosis Armchair
Giroflex REHA-Coxarthrosis Armchair

Reha­-Coxarthrosis Armchairs

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Many people suffer from arthrosis in the hip area. The impairment is extremely painful. Above all, sitting after a hip joint surgery is often very painful for the person who had the operation.

The giroflex 33 has been specially developed for the needs of coxarthrosis patients. The armchair makes it possible for the affected person to sit without complaints due to an elevated sitting position and a seat angle that is specially inclined towards the front. The definitive seat height also contributes to the greatest possible sitting comfort under special conditions. This helps to relieve the pelvis by leaning forward. Upon request, the giroflex Reha-Coxarthrosis Armchair can be equipped with castors. This gives it mobility and allows it to be moved more easily. The giroflex 33 is equally suited for use in therapeutic facilities and private environments. In its basic version, the Reha-Coxarthrosis Armchair already has a chromium-plated base frame. As a result, it is easier to clean, looks attractive and has high life expectancy.

Product variants



  • Artificial leather cover
  • Crutch holder
  • Sled-base frame, chromed
  • Castors 50 mm

Giroflex Adapt

Reha-Coxarthrosis Armchair

REHA-Coxarthrosis Armchair models and variants

giroflex adapt Reha-Coxarthrosis Armchair: Cover materials made of artificial leather skai@Palma or fabric “Strong”. Optionally available with crutch holders, gliders or 50 mm castors. These options are always just reserved for the specific models.

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