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Giroflex cashier desk chair

Cashier desk chairs

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The Giroflex Cashier Chairs require a minimum of space. Their bases have been kept extra small. And yet, they are still pleasant to work on and safe to sit on. All models provide support and exemplary ergonomics. The back part of the two-zone sitting profile optimally supports the pelvis, while the inclined front part ensures good circulation in the legs. In high cashier desks, footrims provide relief for the legs. The feet can be comfortably supported at an angle of 90°.

The Giroflex Cashier Desk Chair is also available with a foldable backrest. This allows the chair to be stored under the counter and leaves the space free. Working while standing or sitting is no longer an issue. Either is possible at any time. People who frequently need to push heavy products from the left to the right are optimally supported by the seat profile. And everyone is happy that each seat position can be easily adjusted.

Synchronous mechanics

Synchronous mechanics Freefloat with locking mechanism

Product variants


  • Standard upholstery
  • Narrow seat
  • 5-star leg base in aluminium, powder-coated
  • Pushing rod cover
  • Castors 50 mm


  • Standard upholstery
  • Large seat
  • 5-star leg base in aluminium, powder-coated
  • Pushing rod cover
  • Castors 50 mm

Giroflex Adapt

Cashier Desk Chairs

Cashier Desk Chairs models and variants

giroflex adapt Cashier Desk Chairs: Available with standard or comfort upholstery in various seat widths and backrest heights. Diverse cover materials in various colours. 5-arm base of polished or powder-coated aluminium. Optionally with height-adjustable footrim, pushing rod cover and foldable back. With various seat heights and 50 mm castors. These options are always just reserved for the specific models.

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