Giroflex Adapt

The giroflex 33 has been specially developed for the needs of coxarthrosis patients. The armchair makes it possible for the affected person to sit without complaints due to an elevated sitting position and a seat angle that is specially inclined towards the front.

Wherever experiments are conducted under strict hygienic conditions and objects must be examined in a very precise way, the Lab Chairs by Giroflex are exactly right. The chair models are designed for this environment.

The Cleanroom Chair by Giroflex meets the high requirements of its surroundings. Its design is simply ingenious, so that every place on the chair can be easily reached and cleansing is simplified.

The giroflex Cashier Chairs require a minimum of space. Their bases have been kept extra small. And yet, they are still pleasant to work on and safe to sit on. All models provide support and exemplary ergonomics.

Whether in control rooms, at police stations, call centres, airports or casinos: wherever people work 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week, the 24H Armchair by Giroflex cuts a good figure and does its job in a reliable and confident way.

Whatever type of work you do, we manufacture the right chair for it.

Your wishes and needs have found the right place with us. Giroflex applies its knowledge and art of craftsmanship to develop and offer the appropriate chairs and armchairs for various business sectors. The adapt series of chairs combines these specific developments under one trademark.

The individual steps up to series production are a well-tested process at Giroflex. The needs are first determined together with the customer and listed in a requirements profile.

Engineers and constructors develop a functional model in multiple phases that is intensively tested both internally and externally. Then the designers give it a modern look.

High requirements on the technology and design are united to develop the tools in the next step and then an initial prototype. After further optimisation, it goes to the test by the Technical Control Board and into series production – and the working world has gained another work chair.

Quality expectations
as high as the swiss mountains.

The purest pleasure.

Giroflex has ensured and worked on this since its foundation in 1872 in Koblenz, Switzerland. Highly qualified personnel with the desired skills are not only sought and found here, but also consciously promoted. The quality of the training at Giroflex is as proverbial as the quality of Giroflex products.

Care and technology combined.

With much handicraft, care, attentiveness and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, top-quality chairs and armchairs are created here. They are used every day around the world. Their reputation races ahead of them on five continents and returns from there to Koblenz as a thousand-fold echo. After all, a good echo is also a typical Swiss characteristic.