Take a seat

Wide variety of options and colours

The visitor’s chair giroflex 161 is a cantilever model that combines versatility with elegance and fits into any environment. Ideal for any uses, it is suitable for a variety of interiors.


Flokk launches first showroom in Switzerland

Flokk's 'House of Inspiration' is our first showroom in Switzerland, a masterful combination of Nordic Design and eclectic Zurich themes, highlighting the many designs from the Flokk House of Brands like never before.


by Gabriel

The new broadcloth
in the Giroflex collection
- in 58 colors.

Important decisions are made sitting.

giroflex 313

The chair to share.

Where several people share a chair, the giroflex 313 wins the day with one hundred per cent self-adjustment. Just sit down and the chair does the rest.

The giroflex 64 is dressing up!

giroflex 161 - take a seat

giroflex 161
Take a seat

giroflex 313

Banana Campus, Lausanne

giroflex 10 – Stool, balance, strengthening of the musculature, relief of the spine, agility

giroflex 10
on the move

Online configurator

Product variants from the online configurator

Your Giroflex gets very personal. Through the online configurator you now have direct and immediate access to our varied range of products and features. Try it!

giroflex 151 Gastronomy,  Visitor Chair, Object Chair,  Stackable Chair,  Interlinking Chair, Event Chair, Gastronomy Chair, Living Chair,  interlinking, stackable, robust, easy-to-clean, versatile, sustainable

giroflex 151
The video